From Bali we recommend taking the lunchtime Garuda Indonesia Flight
(GA450 11:25 Ngurah Rai (DPS) 12:15 Lombok International (LOP)) or an earlier flight.
Garuda Indonesia does not charge extra for surf boards and usually runs to schedule.
Once in Lombok we can have a pre-arranged driver pick you up from the airport and drop you at Kayangan,
the ferry port. Our driver charges 300,000 Rp per car and takes around 2 hours.
He is reliable and bookings can be made by e-mailing Merdeka House.
There is usually some waiting time in the seating area before the fast ferry leaves at 5pm. 
The cost is 135,000 Rp per person and can be paid at the ferry office on arrival.
Seat reservations are recommended. Fridays and Sundays can be very busy. The ferry takes around 2 hours.

Arriving in Benete, Sumbawa (just over the hill from Maluk) it is a 15 minute transfer to Merdeka House.
A car can be pre booked for 150,000 Rp or you can try your luck on the back of an ojek.

There is a fast ferry between Kayangan (Lombok) and Benete (Sumbawa). 
The ferry Schedule can be found at the bottom of this page.
The fast ferry is not available to tourists during the current pandemic.

A fleet of slow ferries runs from Kayangan,  to Poto Tano (Sumbawa).
The slow ferries allow vehicles and leave around every hour.
Poto Tano is 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from Merdeka House.
There is also an option to make your to Sumbawa Besar by connecting flights through Lombok.
From there it is a 3 hour drive to Maluk either by private car (1 million Rp), or by bus.
Although you should allow lots of extra time for the bus, they are not always reliable.
Buses depart Sumbawa Besar for Maluk once they are full.
Another bus company, Damri, runs daily between Maluk and Mataram leaving at 7 am and 8 pm it takes
around 6 hours and should cost you around 90,000 Rp.