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FLIGHTS From Bali we recommend taking a morning flight to Lombok International (LOP) or Sumbawa Besar Airport (SWQ)

Once in Lombok we can have a pre-arranged driver pick you up from the airport
and drop you at Kayangan, the ferry port.
Our driver charges 350,000 Rp per car and takes around 2 hours.
The fast ferry is not available to tourists at the current time.

A fleet of slow ferries runs from Kayangan, to Poto Tano (West Sumbawa).
The slow ferries allow pedestrians, bikes and vehicles and leave about every hour.
Poto Tano is 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from Maluk (Merdeka House).
You can choose the option to fly into Sumbawa Besar.
From there it is a 3 hour drive to Maluk by private car and costs around 1 million Rp.

To book transfers please e-mail Merdeka House.

You should allow lots of extra time for the bus, they are not always reliable.
Buses depart Sumbawa Besar for Maluk once they are full.

Another bus company, Damri, runs daily between Maluk and Mataram leaving at 7 am and 8 pm it takes around 6 hours and should cost you around 90,000 Rp. 


*** Coming by private car or bike

PLEASE NOTE: don't follow google maps it will take you down the old mountain road. This road is impassable.

Follow this google link

to the correct turn off.

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