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Surfing with Huey A lift the flap book for curious grommets.

For Huey you will travel and paddle and most certainly grow freckles.
Huey can be moody and brooding or a happy big chappy.
Few joys are greater (or saltier) than those sent by Huey.
But who is Huey?
He’s the surf god in the clouds, neither here, nor there…
but he is everywhere.
Every page is a new day. How are you today Huey?

Illustrated and written at Merdeka House in West Sumbawa.
Art and surf a good mix - Merdeka is a place you can meet and
collaborate with other creatives.

Available at 
Drifter surf shops in Seminyak and Uluwatu.

Spence Australia
More Australian stocklists coming soon....
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